Worksop: Recycling fire is out but being monitored closely

Guardian News
Guardian News

A recycling fire which had been burning for weeks in Worksop is finally out.

The fire was in a huge pile of mixed wood waste at Worksop Recycling Centre on Shireoaks Road.

Firefighters and staff at Nottinghamshire Recycling Ltd, which owns the site, have been working round the clock to try and put it out.

It started on Wednesday 21st August, just days after crews had finished extinguishing another fire at the same location.

Now fire crews are returning to the scene every four hours to check for any ‘hot spots’ where fire might re-ignite, pulling the waste apart with diggers and spraying it with water.

“The lads in the fire service and the people from Nottinghamshire Recycling have worked tirelessly through the night with diggers to get at the heart of the fire. Without that it would still be burning for a long time to come,” said a watch manager from Worksop Fire Station.

On Monday morning there will be a final debrief meeting between the fire service, the Environment Agency, Public Health England and Nottinghamshire Recycling Ltd where the incident will be reviewed.

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