Worksop: Priory children chill out with calmer classrooms pilot scheme

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Worksop primary school children who have just completed a national pilot scheme to create calmer classrooms got chance to chill out with a high-profile visitor when he met them last week.

Children from Worksop Priory CE Primary School have been taking part in the Take Five programme to help them feel relaxed, more focused and more in control.

On July 21 they shared the benefits with distinguished guests including Dr Jas Bilkhu, High Sherriff of Nottinghamshire, and county councillor Glynn Gilfoyle, chairman of the community safety committee, funding bodies and council officers.

Dr Bilkhu said: “The project chimes with the theme of health and wellbeing for my high sheriff year.

“I very much hope that the Priory school will act as a shining example and inspire other schools in the Nottinghamshire area to adopt this important life skill.”

Take Five uses breathing, grounding and awareness techniques that can be used in very short periods of time, from between 30 seconds and five minutes.

The idea is to help young people feel more confident, more resilient, better able to concentrate and better able to get on with each other.

Coun Gilfoyle explained: “Sometimes we all need to stop and take a deep breath before we say or do something out of character.

“This gives these young people the skill and ability to identify that moment and deal with it.”

The Year 6 class adapted so well that they asked if they could be taught how to teach other classes. So this term 16 were trained by the Each Amazing Breath company to be Take Five Ambassadors.

Sparken Hill Academy, Outwood Academies Valley and Portland were also part of the pilot.