Worksop: Police seize ‘nuisance’ off-road bikes from dangerous drivers

One of the bikes seized by police from the West Bassetlaw Police Facebook page.
One of the bikes seized by police from the West Bassetlaw Police Facebook page.

A crackdown on illegal and dangerous riders in Worksop has seen Nottinghamshire Police seize a number of “nuisance” off-road motorbikes across the town.

The force has seen a rise in the number of off-road bike owners driving dangerously or without the correct licence or insurance, with three bikes seized since the beginning of August.

The latest bike was taken and destroyed by officers after its owner was found to be “driving in a dangerous manner” around a children’s play area on Westgate playing fields.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: “The bike is on its way to the crusher and the rider will be appearing in court for driving offences.”

But some Worksop residents say the problem is far from over.

Jax Wynn, who lives in the Prospect area of the town, said the area was “rife” with off-road bikers who make pedestrians feel intimidated.

Jayne Gray, who also lives in Prospect, said: “They ride around the public footpath and you find yourself dodging them.

“Someone is going to get hurt.”

Laura Jade said that off-road bikers were “forever flying about” near her Worksop home, waking her young children up.

Stephen Sullivan, who lives near the town centre, added: “We also have an idiot going up St Cuthbert Street, regularly at night.”

The force spokesman added: “These bikes may be taken off the road for a variety of reasons, including no insurance, no licence or vehicle defects.

“On occasion, a bike may be seized because the rider has been using it to cause a nuisance.”

Anyone wishing to report an incident in which they believe an off-ride bike rider is driving dangerously should call police on 101.