Worksop: Police chief vows to keep town safe despite cuts to funding

Inspector Neil Bellamy on the streets of Worksop
Inspector Neil Bellamy on the streets of Worksop

Police chiefs have reassured neighbourhoods in Worksop they will still be protected if the main town base is re-located.

The future of Worksop Police Station is uncertain, and there is talk that officers may share a building with local authorities to save money.

Worksop neighbouring inspector, Neil Bellamy, has told the Guardian that the move would ‘make sense’ but that people might experience a ‘different kind of service’ if the move goes ahead.

“You might see a difference in the relation to the response coverage because at some point the plan is to base it somewhere within Bassetlaw so you are equidistant to everywhere,” he said.

“It’s common sense to do that, they are trying to identify locations at the moment, but clearly, if you separate out neighbourhoods from response and place them elsewhere you will get a different kind of service.”

“The public won’t notice any change to be honest. If anything it is perhaps going to be more co-ordinated, it might actually improve service.”

“Whether we stay in Worksop Police Station or whether we move elsewhere, that is a possibility.”

“There are conversations taking place now, I have certainly not been given dates.”

“It will be like a one-stop service, I think that can only benefit us because we work closely with the council anyway, it makes sense.”

The force say they have had to save £40m since 2012 and that it will be the same again for the next three years.

The number of PCSOs is set to be reduced by 72 in Nottinghamshire and Insp Bellamy says he expects to lose a ‘handful’ from his team.

He said: “They effectively make my office successful, I am down to five officers now.”

“I could not operate on the number of officers I have, but I can because of the number of PCSOs, but it will not bring me down to what I was two years ago.”

“These cuts are not going to stop. “