Worksop: Parents slam sentence given to child rapist Ian Wilson

Parents of children abused by Ian Wilson talk to the Guardian
Parents of children abused by Ian Wilson talk to the Guardian

The parents of two children abused by jailed Worksop pervert Ian Wilson have told the Guardian of their anguish.

Wilson was locked up last week for 14 years after being found guilty of three counts of child rape, and for downloading thousands of sick images and videos of children.

Ian Wilson Tweet

Ian Wilson Tweet

The jury at Nottingham Crown Court took only an hour to convict him after a three day trial, returning a unanimous verdict.

But he will be released back into the community in just seven years time.

“I don’t think 14 years is long enough for what he has done to our family,” said the children’s father, who can not be named for legal reasons.

“He has ruined two children’s lives so in my eyes he should lose his liberty for life.”

The children’s mother said: “At the moment the kids don’t understand what has happened. But I worry about how it will affect them as they grow up and the full realisation hits them.”

Both parents said they had already seen a change in their children’s behaviour since the abuse happened between 2011 and June 2012.

They said they had become ‘defensive, private and argumentative’.

Wilson’s horrific crimes only came to light because one of the children blurted it out to their mother.

“When a child comes out with something like that you have to believe them,” she said.

“I got the police round straight away.”

But during the trial, the defence counsel tried to imply that the children were not telling the truth. “They tried to say it was something they had made up, something they had picked up while they had been at home,” their mother said.

“I couldn’t believe they were trying to pin this on our family.” One of the children even gave evidence at court via a video link. “It was a distressing experience for all of us. I have never been to court before so it was completely alien,” said their mother.

“But my hat goes off to the court team who dealt with us so sensitively.”

The family were not in court to hear Wilson’s sentence, but were told about it just moments afterwards.

“My first thought was ‘thank God it’s over’. Then I thought, ‘14 years doesn’t sound a lot’.”

The judge had said his sentencing powers could extend to a maximum of 19 years for the crime of child rape.

But he settled at the lower end of the scale at 13 years, adding a year to the sentence for the indecent images.

Said their mother: “I love my kids and it breaks my heart that he has done this to them.”

“It has completely destroyed our trust and made us question who we leave the kids with. I even have pangs of guilt when I drop them at school.”

She added: “They know he has gone to prison. One of them told me: ‘I’m glad because it means they believe me’.”