Worksop: Owner’s rage after beloved pet cat found shot twice through stomach with an air rifle

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A distraught Worksop cat owner is warning other residents to be on the alert after his missing cat crawled home ‘emaciated, in shock and shot twice through the stomach with an air rifle’.

Mick Hirst, of Macefield Place, near Plantation Hill, Kilton, was outraged to discover his six-year-old cat Misty’s gunshot wounds when she returned home after vanishing for six days.

Now Mick, who owns three other cats with his wife and is off work due to ill health, has had to fork out over £600 in veterinary bills to save his beloved pet’s life - money he says he ‘simply cannot afford at the moment’.

“Misty had been missing for almost a week when my stepson heard a wail in the garden and there she was,” said Mick.

“I assume she had been holed up all that time and clearly hadn’t eaten or drank anything in that time.”

“She was emaciated, in shock and when I looked at her I found two gunshot wounds on her side.”

“Why would someone do something like this? I have no idea who it could be - but I do know it has to be someone local, and I want to warn other pet owners that somebody is out there shooting innocent animals.”

Misty was taken to Vetsavers on Newcastle Avenue where she was treated for her life-threatening wounds.

Suzhy Winfield, head nurse at Vetsavers said: “This beautiful cat came into us after having been missing from home - not surprisingly unwell, dehydrated, hungry and scared.”

“It sickens us every time we see this sort of injury to a pet. What sort or person takes any pleasure in shooting an air rifle at an animal?”

“Please be aware that there are sadly some very evil people around and this is the result of their behaviour.”

Suzhy added that the incident has been reported to the RSPCA. Misty is expected to make a full recovery after her narrow escape.