Worksop: Nuisance neighbour who let visitors take Class A drugs in his home evicted after court battle

Pictured are Coun Julie Leigh, ASB Officer Debra Savage and PC Beverley Drabble
Pictured are Coun Julie Leigh, ASB Officer Debra Savage and PC Beverley Drabble

A1 Housing and Bassetlaw District Council’s Joint ASB Team have secured possession of a property on Goldsmith Road, Worksop after the tenant Sheldon Price subjected his neighbours to frequent periods of escalating anti-social Behaviour.

Chesterfield County Court heard how Price’s behaviour caused nuisance to other residents living in the vicinity of the property and prevented them having a quiet enjoyment of their homes.

The Court heard evidence from Officers of A1 Housing and Nottinghamshire Police relating to the activities of Price and visitors to his property.

The court was also shown photographs of drugs paraphernalia found at the property.

Price admitted he knew his visitors were storing stolen goods at the property and that visitors to his home took class A drugs.

The Court recognised that A1 Housing and Bassetlaw District Council had attempted to help Price, including obtaining an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction against a visitor to his home, but that ultimately he had failed to maintain any improvements in his behaviour.

The Judge said: “It is hard to recognise what the neighbours have had to put up with as periodic events mean an environment is set where they cannot relax.”

An outright possession order was granted and A1 Housing Officers took repossession of the property on January 12th.

Don Spittlehouse, Director of Technical and Housing Services at A1 Housing said: “We will not tolerate the lives of our tenants being blighted by the inconsiderate behaviour of a selfish minority.”

“We have a dedicated joint ASB team in place to tackle exactly these sorts of issues and I am delighted the court saw fit to grant an outright possession order.”

“Tenants and residents should rest assured that we will do everything we can to tackle Anti-Social Behaviour in our neighbourhoods.”

Coun Julie Leigh, cabinet member for neighbourhoods at Bassetlaw District Council said:

“Nuisance neighbours can ruin tenants and resident’s quality of life and it is simply not acceptable.”

“What is disappointing in this case is that Mr Price has not taken advantage of the support and assistance that was available to him to end the anti-social behaviour in his property.”

“We will use all the powers available to us to tackle ASB, but we will work with people and support them if they are willing to engage with us.”