Worksop: Mum jailed for smuggling legal highs into prison

Lincoln Crown Court
Lincoln Crown Court

A mother of four who was caught smuggling supplies of a legal high into a prison was herself jailed at Lincoln Crown Court.

Sharon Bolton was detained by staff at Lincoln Prison after she was seen handing a package to an inmate during visiting time.

Tony Stanford, prosecuting, said “She was there to see an inmate. He was a former partner but at the time she described him as a friend.

“She was seen to remove an item from under her vest top and pass it to the inmate who then secreted it in his boxer shorts.

“He was searched and two cling film wraps of a vegetable matter were removed. That turned out to be a legal high.

“Sharon Bolton was also detained. Her property was searched and a small amount of amphetamine was found.”

The legal high was Voodoo, a substance that is banned from prisons.

Bolton, of Mary Street, Rhodesia, admitted a charge of conveying a prohibited item into prison as a result of the incident on 21st June.

She also admitted possession of amphetamine on the same day. She was jailed for nine months.

Judge Michael Heath, passing sentence, told her: “There has to be an element of deterrence. Those people who take items like this into prison have to go to prison themselves.”

Christopher Geeson, defending, said Bolton had been given the legal high by a man she met in Worksop who threatened her that her windows would be put in and her home trashed if she did not deliver the package to the inmate.