Worksop: Mother hit partner, threw vodka bottle at him and smashed his TV after kebab row

In Court
In Court

A mother hit her partner in the face, threw a bottle of vodka at him and smashed his television after a row over a kebab.

The court heard how Jade Wiser, 27, of Garside Street, had been out drinking with partner Glenn Stocken and two other friends on 24th May in Worksop town centre.

Stocken then went home whilst Wiser and her friend stopped off to get food.

The incident occurred when Stocken asked why Wiser had not bought him a kebab.

An arguement then broke out and Wiser hit Stocken as he sat on the sofa.

She then went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of vodka and threw it at him before kicking his Samsung TV worth £1,000 which caused it to crack down the middle.

Wiser then slipped over and knocked herself out unconscious.

Stocken received no serious injuries but said the bottle had caused his head to be ‘sore.’

A witness to the incident, Rebecca Woods, said that she did not see the bottle hit Stocken because her view was ‘obscure.’

In mitigation, the court heard that Wiser had suffered the sad loss of her father in January 2014 and was suffering from depression. Wiser also said that her memory of the night was ‘hazy’ and that she has since decided to get some counselling.

Their five-year relationship has also now ended.

Wiser received 12 months community order, 12 months supervision, ordered to pay £400 compensation, £50 fine and £60 victim surcharge.