Worksop: Man was found slumped over steering wheel after drugs overdose

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A 42-year-old man was found slumped over the steering wheel of his car by police after taking 14 diazepam tablets, a court heard.

Christopher Earl, from Worksop, pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle whilst unfit through drugs when he appeared at Worksop Magistrates Court on Thursday 27th March.

Defence solicitor Ian Pridham said that Earl had turned to diazepam after coming off heroin and had taken the 14 tablets after slipping into a ‘depressed and distressed’ state the night before he committed the offence.

The next morning Earl drove his Ford Fiesta into Worksop town centre to do some shopping.

He was spotted by police ‘walking unsteadily’ back to his car whilst carrying a crate of beer and was then found slumped over the steering wheel.

Earl was arrested and taken to the police station where he became very unwell.

He was then taken to hospital and was treated for an opiates overdose.

Mr Pridham said that despite his lapse, Earl had found a new job and started a course of methadone.

He added that since then Earl’s attitude and view on life was ‘very much improved’ and he admitted that attempting to drive in his condition was a ‘very stupid thing to do’.

He was given ten penalty points on his licence and ordered to pay a £170 fine plus £50 costs and £20 victim surcharge.