Worksop: Man punched and bit victim during attack

Worksop Magistrates Court
Worksop Magistrates Court

A man has been jailed for a prolonged assault on the father of his ex-partner’s children.

Simon Broad, 38, of Lowfield in Retford, attacked Liam Feeney and his friend Sarah Storey after they had gone to visit the house where Mr Feeney’s ex-wife lived on Clarence Street in Worksop.

Worksop Magistrates’ Court heard that Mr Feeney and Mrs Storey are both good friends with Mr Feeney’s ex-wife and regularly went to visit her and the children.

But Broad did not like this and when they came to the house, he argued with them before knocking Mr Feeney to floor and repeatedly punching him to the head, shouting ‘I’m going to kill you, I’ve been waiting for this, I’m not bothered.’

Mrs Storey tried to intervene and was punched and stamped on by Broad.

Mr Feeney tried to get up the stairs but was kicked back down by Broad, who bit him on the shoulder and hands.

Prosecuting, Ruth Snowdin said: “Mrs Storey also said that he threatened to stab them, although she saw no evidence of a knife, and that he would burn their houses down.”

Representing himself, Broad admitted he had a drink issue and that he “needed to give it up.”

The court also heard that Broad, had pleaded not guilty at his trial but then been found guilty.

He was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison.