Worksop: Illegal fly grazer “threatened to have his horses kicked to death”

Pictured is Anthony Newbury
Pictured is Anthony Newbury

A Worksop man who used council land for fly grazing without permission “threatened to have his horses kicked to death” by a stallion when he was warned about legal action.

Anthony Newbury was slapped with an anti-social behaviour injunction after making the threat, along with repeated others, to Bassetlaw District Council staff when told he was not permitted to graze horses on a council-owned field on Retford Road in Worksop.

Newbury, of Kilton, had originally made an application to lease the land from the council, but failed to attend an appointment with officers which led to the land being leased to another individual.

Upon finding he had not been successful in obtaining a lease of the land, Newbury proceeded to place his horses on the land anyway.

The council attempted to remove Newbury’s horses from the land and he proceeded to be verbally abusive in telephone conversations with council officers.

Newbury has reportedly also threatened to place a stallion on the land which he stated was likely to kick any other horses who grazed there to death.

Threats were also made that if officers from the council came to the land they should be “expecting” Newbury, and that he would “take the field”.

Councillor Julie Leigh, cabinet member for neighbourhoods at the council, said:“We have let the land for the grazing of horses and it is unacceptable that Mr Newbury should threaten the welfare of these animals. I am glad that the court saw fit to grant an injunction and hope this sends out a clear message that we will not tolerate threats to Bassetlaw residents or our staff.”

A district judge imposed the anti-social behaviour injunction, which is to remain in force until 4pm on February 10 2017, at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court.

The order means that Newbury must refrain from engaging in conduct which is capable of causing harassment, alarm or distress to any person employed by Bassetlaw District Council.

It also forbids Newbury from entering or encouraging others to allow horses to enter onto or remain on the land at Retford Road. The council was also awarded costs to the sum of £761.80.