Worksop: Father evicted after tots abandoned in drug den hell

PCSO Joshua Gibbons, A1 ASB Team Leader Debra Savage, PCSO Joshua Hunter and A1 Housing Officer Caroline Hurt.
PCSO Joshua Gibbons, A1 ASB Team Leader Debra Savage, PCSO Joshua Hunter and A1 Housing Officer Caroline Hurt.

A Worksop dad who repeatedly left his young children alone in a property with drug users and turned the lives of his fellow residents into an anti-social behaviour nightmare has been kicked out of his home.

Bassetlaw Council and A1 Housing were granted a Possession Order on a prospect property against tenant Keith Coward on Monday, November 2 at Mansfield County Court.

A Possession Order for the flat, on Westway, was granted by District Judge Wall after a possession case was brought by A1 Housing and the council’s joint Anti-Social Behaviour Team.

Evidence was provided to the court which gave disturbing examples of anti-social behaviour which Coward had subjected his neighbours to and illegal activities he was involved in.

Some of the evidence heard by the court revealed that Coward would leave his three young children alone in the property with known drug users for prolonged periods of time, and persistent and prolonged drug use by frequent visitors to the property would then take place.

The court also heard how parties were held at the property which involved the playing of loud music. Visitors to the parties would congregate in the communal area of the flat smoking and using foul and abusive language. Neighbours also believed Coward and his visitors were selling illegal substances at the property and said that used hypodermic needles were discarded into public areas around the house.

Police were called to the property on numerous occasions following reports of anti-social behaviour and threats of violence were made against local residents and officers of A1 Housing.

Visitors to the property smoked in the communal areas of the flats and propped open fire doors which placed other residents at significant risk of serious injury from fire.

The tenant had also bypassed his electricity meter on three occasions, placed all occupants of the block of flats and surrounding residences, A1 Housing and council officers and visitors to the block at significant risk of serious injury from fire.

A1 Housing managing Director, Don Spittlehouse, said: “Mr Coward had shown a complete disregard for the safety and welfare of his family, his fellow tenants and officers who were required to visit the property.

“Because of Mr Coward’s behaviour and the behaviour of his visitors, whom Mr Coward is also responsible for, he has paid the penalty of losing his home. A1 Housing and the council will never tolerate anti-social behaviour of this scale and will take every appropriate measure available to them to rid tenants like Mr Coward from its properties and neighbourhoods.”