Worksop: Drug addict jailed after police catch him in act

Worksop Magistrates Court
Worksop Magistrates Court

A Worksop man has been jailed after being caught in possession of heroin in the town.

Ashley Miller, 34, of John Street, pleaded guilty at Worksop Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 2nd October.

The court heard how Miller was four weeks into a Drug Rehabilitation Requirement when the offence occurred on 15th January 2014.

On the date in question, officers were monitoring somebody who had ‘nothing to do’ with Miller on Blyth Road.

They then saw Miller go up to somebody and he purchased some heroin that night - which put him in breach of a suspended sentence after a previous theft.

In mitigation, it was said that when Miller was approached by the police he was very open with the officers and accepted that he had done it.

The court also heard that Miller had been doing everything possible to reduce his heroin use but at certain moments he had ‘relapsed.’

He said that he ‘loathed’ to give the name of the person who he bought the drug from because he said that his family would be ‘at risk.’

The magistrates sentenced Miller to a total of eight weeks in jail,