Worksop: Donate an old car to raise charity funds

Even scrap cars will make money for the charity
Even scrap cars will make money for the charity

A Worksop charity is asking the public to donate old cars in a novel fund-raising drive to boost it’s vital work in care for the elderly.

The ExtraCare Charitable Trust helps older people enjoy a healthier and more active and independent lifestyle in retirement villages and housing developments.

And to help accelerate their fund-raising work, they have now joined forces with Giveacar, a no-profit social enterprise which collects unwanted and used cars for charity.

Regardless of condition, the old cars are collected and then sold through an online auction or disposed of at an authorised treatment facility and profits from the sale are then donated to charity, in this case ExtraCare.

Even a scrapped old banger could still net ExtraCare between £40 and £250.

“This is a great way to get rid of an old car and help us provide a better life for old people ,” said Alison Whittingham, managing director of ExtraCare Shops.

For more information, or to donate a car, call 020 77364242 or visit