Worksop: Courts ban ‘prolific’ shoplifter from town centre stores

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A ‘prolific’ shoplifter has been slapped with a criminal behaviour order that bans him from entering any shop in Worksop town centre.

Richard Frost, 41, of Gladstone Street, received the sentence at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Friday, February 26 after being found guilty of three counts of shoplifting in Worksop.

PCSO Ruth Dixon, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Frost is one of Worksop’s more prolific shoplifters. and well known to most of the businesses in and around the town centre due to his offending behaviour.

“Frost has no desire to alter his offending behaviour on his own and for the welfare of the public and retail businesses within Worksop. Nottinghamshire Police believed that we had no alternative other than to apply for a criminal behaviour order, putting strict boundaries in place.

“We simply could not allow Frost to carry on the way that he was and I am thrilled that the courts agreed and placed the order against him.”

PSCO Dixon added: “Hopefully this will act a warning to other potential shop lifters within Worksop that Nottinghamshire Police will not tolerate this kind of behaviour within the Worksop area”.

The order also prohibits Frost from entering any shop in Retford town centre along with the Priory Shopping Centre in Worksop and the Asda store at Celtic Point.