Worksop: Beware ‘killer dogs’ on loose, says heartbroken pet owner who lost her cat in savage attack

Two-year-old Neo had to be put to sleep after the savage attack on Ashley Road
Two-year-old Neo had to be put to sleep after the savage attack on Ashley Road

A heartbroken pet owner is urging other Worksop residents to be wary after two dogs broke into her garden and fatally injured her beloved cat.

Diane Browne, of Ashley Road, had to have her two-year-old cat Neo put to sleep due to the horrific internal injuries he suffered after the attack on Thursday 5th February.

Now she wants to warn other cat owners in the area that the ‘killer dogs’, who belong to an owner unknown, are on the loose and could strike again.

Diane told the Guardian: “I don’t want anyone else to go through what I have been through over the past week.”

“The two large dogs came into the garden and attacked Neo - they also damaged a St.Francis statue that I keep in my garden. It was so frightening.”

“One looked like a puppy but was still large and the other looked more German Shepherd with wolf or husky colouring. They didn’t have tags on their collars.”

“After the attack, I took my poor cat to the vet but he was so badly injured internally that I had to have him put to sleep.”

“I had just spent £800 having Neo’s leg amputated as he was hit by a car recently- and now this.”

“It cost me £55 to have him put to sleep, and I would like the owners of these dogs to come forward and pay for my vet bills, and also replace the statue. After my loss, it’s the least they could do.”

“I have four other cats and they are now on high alert, too frightened to go out. It shouldn’t be that way.”

“I called the Police after the attack but they told me to contact the Bassetlaw dog warden. They didn’t answer and I was too upset to pursue it.”

The Guardian contacted Notts Police about the incident, but was told to contact the Bassetlaw dog warden.

However, upon contacting the Bassetlaw dog warden the Guardian was told they dog warden does not deal with dangerous dogs and the incident should have been dealt with by Notts Police.