Worksop: Approved Food give baby food boost to Cash for Kids charity

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A Worksop retailer has stepped up its efforts to ensure no edible food ends up going to landfill by ‘rehoming’ more than 2,500 jars of baby food that was left over after a Cash for Kids campaign.

With the premium products approaching their best before dates, the Hallam FM charity was initially at a loss with what to do next.

Staff at the charity contacted Approved Food, which was founded by Worksop man Dan Cluderay and is best known for selling goods that are nearing or past their best-before-date.

According to the retailer, the products sold within days and Dan then launched the #PerfectlyGood campaign, which is focussed on saving the nation £50m by reducing food waste and educating people about what different food labels mean.

Dan also handed over a £500 donation to Cash for Kids.

Allan, fundraising manager at Hallam FM’s Cash For Kids, a charity which provides services to disabled and disadvantaged children in Bassetlaw and South Yorkshire, said: “We were thankful to Approved Food for taking the baby food off our hands as we didn’t want to waste it.

“We were also extremely grateful and humbled to receive the £500 donation on top of this.”

Dan said: “We are committed to reducing food waste across the nation and decreasing the amount of food that ends up in landfill.

“Getting the call from a radio station was slightly unusual as we are more used to dealing with manufacturers and distributers, but when they explained their predicament we jumped at the chance to take it off their hands and help them out.

“We’re really pleased to have been able to do some good for both the charity and our customers.”