Worksop: Another fire at recycling centre

Fire near recycling centre at Shireoaks
Fire near recycling centre at Shireoaks

Firefighters are fighting a second blaze at the recycling centre in Shireoaks Road.

Despite leaving the site on Monday 19th August firefighters were called back to the site on Wednesday 21st August after another fire broke out.

This fire is in a different location to the previous one and they are not thought to be linked. This fire is predominantly of wood and wood chippings.

Due to the fire being enclosed by wood the firefighters are struggling to get enough water to the source. Over the weekend they are going to pull the wood apart to try and put the fire out.

They are creating a wind breaker in order to try and limit the amount of smoke but residents in the area are still advised to keep all doors and windows closed.

Shireoaks Road is closed from the junction of Tyleden Road and Sandy Lane.