Worksop: Abuse inquiry officially launched into historic abuse at two former homes


Police chiefs have confirmed an inquiry is now underway to investigate a number of individual allegations of historic abuse at two former care homes in Worksop.

Officers are looking at allegations relating to people under 18, both male and female, between 1940 and the 1990s at Ashley House and Repton Lodge in the town.

None of the allegations relate to the premises’ current use.

A Notts Police spokesman said: “The Operation Xeres team is investigating a small number of complaints of historic physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse reported by people who were in care for a variety of reasons, but who are now adults.”

The inquiry is also looking at allegations at Skegby Hall, the former Whatton Young Offenders’ Institution, Laybrook in Mansfield, Berry Hill Open Air School in Mansfield, The Ridge in Mansfield, Amberdale in Stapleford, South Collingham Hall and Cauldwell House in Southwell.

One former resident at The Ashley home told the Guardian last year that he was ‘kicked and punched and beaten up’.

“I only spent about five or six weeks there in total in 1964 but it was the worst period of my life,” he said.

“The wardens knew what was going off.”

“We were treated like dog meat,” he added.

The Guardian understands that a team of 20 will be working full-time as part of the operation and they will also be working in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council.

DCI Mick Luke said: “It’s us saying to the public that we are here and we are ready to help.”

“It’s going to be difficult.”

“We want people to come forward with any information they have so we can ascertain the extent of the allegations. We need to understand what the big picture will look like.”

“It’s important for us to engage with the victims and manage their expectations.”