Worksop: £565 fine for man who tried to stop police officer arresting his friend

Mansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court

A man who pleaded guilty to the wilful obstruction of a police officer has been ordered to pay £565.

Greg Rewston, 27, of Sherwood Road, Worksop, admitted to the charges against him after trying to pull a policeman away from his duties while arresting his friend.

The man was said to be trying to retain his money from his friend, who he’d given to earlier in the day.

Mr Rewston has been ordered to pay £565 to cover the fine and court costs, and will pay it in instalments of £50 per week.

Mr Rewston, who works as a plasterer, and has a nine-year-old son, said he ‘regrets’ his actions as they are ‘completely out of character’.