Willingham show has plenty to celebrate

Gary Tyson receives the Aggregate Cup from Rev Pam Rose
Gary Tyson receives the Aggregate Cup from Rev Pam Rose

Willingham by Stow was in celebratory mood at this year’s staging of its annual show as the event marked its 70th anniversary.

Margaret Smith, show committee president, welcomed all the visitors and thanked the exhibitors, judges and the committee for putting on an impressive display of garden produce, baking, art, photography and handicrafts.

She added that she was sure that the villagers of 1946 would have been amazed back then at the thought that the show would still be going strong 70 years later.

Trophies were presented by Rev Pam Rose who commented that she was thrilled to have been asked to open the Show.

She said that she thought the standard of entries was fantastic and was glad that she had not been one of the judges, who must have had a difficult job to perform.

She added that the future of the show over the next 70 years was assured, particularly looking at the participation and talent of many youngsters from the village.

Following the trophy presentations and the raffle, Matthew Bates held an auction of produce from the show.

Money raised goes towards the running of next year’s show.

The committee added that they were very grateful to the many people who helped make the show such a success, particularly to the teachers of Sturton School, the cub leaders, the ladies who organised the summer craft club and the parents for their encouragement of the youngsters’ endeavours.

n Trophy winners: Susan Bingham Cup (most points in domestic section) – Helen Panter; Oliver Cup (most points in preserves section) – Sue Faull; Spencer Cup (best exhibit in fruit section) – Stuart Watson; Hudson Cup (most points in fruit section) – Stuart Watson; Spiller Cup (best exhibit in vegetable section) – Robin Wrght; JW Bingham Cup (most points in vegetable section) – Gary Tyson; Smith Cup (most points in floral art section) – June Fray; Arnold Maw Plate (most points in blooms section) – Dorothy Wain; Slater Cup (most points in children’s section – key stage one) – Alice Bingham; Parish Cup (most points in children’s section – key stage two) – Ellie Castelluccio, Elizabeth Foreman and River Bridges; Photography Cup – Talbot Clark; Junior Photography Cup – Elsie Bingham; John Cope Memorial Cup (most points in junior domestic section) – Elsie Bingham; Drury Trophy (most points in handicraft section) – Paul Cragg; Stephenson Cup (most points for a child in the handicraft section) – Elsie Bingham; Art Cup (most points in art sction) – David Walton; Aggregate Cup (adult) – Helen Panter and Gary Tyson, runners-up: Helgi Gudmundson and Sue Faul; Aggregate Cup (child) – Elsie Bingham, runner-up: George Leak.