Who wants to pay £12,000 for a TV they don’t need?

Steve N Allen
Steve N Allen

I remember back in the day the TV was a massive unit that sat in the corner of the room and didn’t really do much, writes Steve N Allen.

Nowadays the TVs are smart, they’re thin and we watch them all the time.

In fact we’re the ones who have become big units that sit there doing nothing.

You can get curved screens, web-enabled, even TVs that you talk to.

I always talked to mine, shouting things like, ‘come on, he was in the shower all this time!?’

Bring Bobby back as a clone, it would make more sense.

Now there’s a new TV that I don’t think we need.

Samsung have made a TV that is side-on, portrait rather than landscape, it’s taller than it is wide, which again, it won’t be long till the same isn’t true for us humans.

The new model, called The Sero, sells for around £12,000 and has been designed for the millennial generation who want to watch online videos like they’d see them on their phone.

Kids these days don’t know they’re born.

They don’t know what we had to deal with – 4:3 format.

It was so close to square if you watched a film they had to cut off both sides off the picture.

I watched The Good, The Bad and The Ugly on a TV and thought there was only one guy in it.

It took years to get TVs to fit the shape of films and instead of being grateful they now want a TV you can put on its side to watch Instagram posts.

It would be easier to get people to film on their phone side-on.

It’d make it look more filmic.

Here’s a top money saving tip though.

If you want to save yourself the £12,000 for a TV you can watch side-on – just tilt your head.