Whitwell: WI demonstrate their artistic talents

Members of Whitwell WI
Members of Whitwell WI

Whitwell WI’s January meeting showed that members have some real artistic talent.

Armed with paper, colouring pencils, watercolours, paints and oils, members were asked to copy a segment of a Manet masterpiece.

Under the guidance of two members of the Worksop Art Group, the members had no idea what the final outcome would be until all the segments were put together. The final piece showed Eduard Manet’s Bar at the Folies Bergere.

The group is already making plans for its two outings, due to take place in August. These will be a trip on the Chesterfield Canal with lunch and a visit to Winthorpe Gardens with a chance for a yoga session and afternoon tea.

The subject of February’s meeting is saving energy.

Whitwell WI meets every second Monday from 7pm at the community centre, in The Square. For more visit www.whitwellwi.weebly.com.