West Stockwith: Police on hand in case of flooding

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A mobile police station is set to be stationed in West Stockwith tonight (Thursday 5th December) to assist in the event of flooding in the village.

Notts Police is working with the Environment Agency, Notts County Council and Bassetlaw District Council, following advance weather warnings for the area.

A Notts Police spokesman said: “We have been advised of the potential for flooding between 8pm and 11pm tonight (Thursday 5th December) due to a tidal surge in the River Trent.”

“At its worst this could affect the village, near Misterton.”

“At this stage formal evacuation is not being carried out however, we will update you should the situation change.”

“Our mobile police unit will be based centrally and should you have any concerns or worries please come and speak to us.”

“If you decide you want to leave your property for the evening please let us know by giving your name to officers at the mobile police unit.”

“This will be invaluable should we have to carry out a full evacuation of the village.”

Police have given the following advice to stay safe.

• Gather essential items together either upstairs or in a high place - have torches, medication and waterproofs to hand.

• Fill jugs and saucepans with clean water.

• Move your family and pets upstairs or to a high place with a means of escape.

• Turn off gas, electricity and water supplies when flood water is about to enter your home, if it is safe to do so,

• Do not on any account touch sources of electricity when standing in flood water.

• Keep listening to local radio for updates or call the Environment Agency Floodline on 0845 988 1188.

• Flood water can rise quickly; stay calm and reassure those around you. Call 999 if you are in danger.