West Lindsey District Council are the last council in Lincolnshire who still offer a Garden Waste collection for free


West Lindsey District Council is seeking the views of local residents about charging for a garden waste collection service.

The council is the last local authority in Lincolnshire who still offer the service for free. But now the council needs to consider all its options including introducing a charge for the service.

Chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee, Coun Sheila Bibb, said: “We are the last council within the Lincolnshire County Council area who are not currently charging for garden waste collections.

“We have done our best to resist the need to charge for the service for many years by looking at other ways to bring income into the district so we can protect services that residents’ value.

“We have been developing our commercial opportunities and encouraging economic and housing growth to help pay for these services but we have to do more.

“Our grants from Government continue to be phased and we will lose all Government grant to support our services by 2019 which means tough decisions need to be made now. We must either reduce our services to match the reduced funding available or fund existing services from other income.

“We also want to be fair and only charge those residents who actually use the service as some residents do not use it.

“We are seeking residents’ views on a number of options for the service and I would like to encourage as many people as possible to take part in the consultation.”

The district council is required to provide a free rubbish and recycling service but it can charge for a garden waste collection service.

Residents will have until November 19, to have their say on the proposals. All responses will be considered by the council before a decision is made.

If you would like to know more now please visit www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/gardenwasteconsultation for more information on the proposals.