West Lindsey District Council announce Council Tax rise of 5p per week

The new Guildhall at Marshalls Yard.
The new Guildhall at Marshalls Yard.

WEST Lindsey District Council has announced a Council Tax increase of 5p per week to deal with a ‘difficult financial climate’.

The announcement comes after further central government cuts to WLDC’s grant over the coming years.

The council will be taking its budget report to council on 4th March which proposes the following approach:

Carry-on with the successful approach of being entrepreneurial in how it makes savings and brings in new income.

Use its earmarked reserves wisely in investing in the most vulnerable communities that are facing hardship such as fuel poverty. This is in line with its localism strategy to help communities to help themselves.

After three years of a council tax freeze and with further cuts ahead – the council is proposing a moderate increase in council tax. For future years, local people will be asked to identify the best options in the spring/summer, whether this is service reduction or a greater increase in council tax over the coming years

They also say that the budget proposes to continue to “invest in major projects that will help the district grow and prosper”.

Leader Coun Burt Keimach said: “We are devoting £300,000 to vulnerable communities to help with fuel poverty, youth unemployment and rural services. As well as investing £1.6 million into the housing infrastructure and £2 million boosting the economy and encouraging jobs growth.”

A Council spokesman said: “The budget for 2013/14 proposes an increase in Council Tax of around 5p per week for the majority of homes in West Lindsey. This increase, the first for three years, will mean services to local people can be protected.”

“It means residents could pay an extra 1.5 per cent for the district council’s share of the overall bill in 2013/14, an increase of £2.79 per year for a Band D property.”

Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee, CounTom Regis said: “We will continue to look at ways of avoiding service reduction and redundancies but being realistic, this is now getting more difficult to sustain.”

“However, our innovative approach and sound financial management has paid off so far. This has helped to reduce costs and increase efficiencies and performance such as having one of the top recycling rates in the country.

“We will continue to develop this successful way going forward.”

He continued: “We will carry out an extensive engagement exercise with communities and residents over the spring and summer. They will be able to inform future priorities and identify where we could make cuts to the budget.”

Chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee Coun Malcolm Parish said: “We have invested money in communities with a new ball park for Hemswell, support for village halls, community volunteering, funding, jubilee and Olympic events. We will continue our investment in our communities.”

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