West Lindsey: Cannabis factory in the loft of bungalow

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Police uncovered a cannabis growing operation after raiding a bungalow in a West Lindsey village, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Over 40 cannabis plants were found in a tent in the loft of the property at Fiskerton Road, Cherry Willingham.

And a second tent contained a “mother plant” used to provide cuttings for the growth of more plants.

Faye Mellor, prosecuting, said the cannabis plants had the potential to produce a yield of as much as 2.6 kgs of the drug with a street value of up to £26,000.

She said “This was a step up from a basic home set-up.”

“There was lighting, ventilation and hydroponics in place.”

“Within the tents a set of digital scales was found and also some food bags suggesting some kind of supply.”

Andrew Cluett , who was at the house when the raid took place, admitted he was responsible for the plants saying he was under pressure to do it.

Kayleigh Hippey, the tenant of the property, said she agreed to allow Cluett to use the loft after be asked her for permission.

Cluett ,41, of Harvey Kent Gardens, Bardney, admitted production of cannabis between 1st January and 5th April 2013.

He was jailed for 16 months.

Hippey, 27, now of Jubilee Crescent, Cherry Willingham, admitted allowing premises to be used for the production of cannabis between the same dates.

She was given a nine month jail sentence suspended for two years with 12 months supervision.

David Eager, for Cluett, said he initially used cannabis for pain relief but had since become addicted to the drug.

He said Cluett accepted he faced an immediate jail sentence and that would mean he loses the tenancy of his rented home.

Michael Cranmer-Brown, for Hippey, said that at the time she allowed Cluett use of her loft she was addicted to heroin and heavily in debt.

“She was in dire straits financially owing many thousands of pounds. She was at a low ebb and a series of sad consequences had affected her.”

“She was offered an opportunity to make some inroads into her indebtedness and she took it.”

“She was not actually involved in cultivating the cannabis but allowed him to use the premises.”