West Lindsey: ‘Breaches against planning will not be tolerated,’ say Council

West Lindsey District Council.
West Lindsey District Council.

West Lindsey District Council is taking a tough stance against people who breach planning regulations in the district.

The message comes just days after the authority took legal action against a Dunholme resident.

Charles Pickering, of Ashling Farm, appeared at Lincoln Magistrates Court on Thursday, October 8 and pleaded guilty to breaching a planning enforcement notice, relating to a development at Glebe Farm near Scampton.

The defendant was fined £800 and ordered to pay criminal court costs of more than £1,206.94 as well as an £80 victim surcharge.

Mark Sturgess, chief operating officer at the council said: “This gives a strong message to those who breach planning regulations that it will not be tolerated by the council.

“We give everyone the opportunity to comply with regulations but if they breach enforcement notices then we will have to take action.

“This is a very successful outcome for the council and the defendant had to pay more than £2,000 for breaching our planning control.

“This demonstrates the council’s commitment to ensuring that planning regulations are complied with across the district.

“We want this decision to be seen as a positive example of action for the residents of West Lindsey and to make it clear that where appropriate, we are willing to use the powers that we have available.”

If you have any concerns in regards to developments happening in the Gainsborough area then please contact West Lindsey District Council on telephone number 01427 676676.