WATCH: Shocking moment lorry driver rams car on M1

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A road-rage lorry driver is captured on a dashcam ramming a terrified motorist on a busy motorway in a real-life version of 1970s thriller DUEL.

Matthew Stockdale, 46, was driving home from visiting his mother when the ten tonne HGV came up behind him in the middle lane of the M1 blasting its horn. Despite calling police six times from his mobile phone during the high-speed attack, police took THREE HOURS to respond after he got bounced between three forces.

Mr Stockdale said he had “never felt fear like it”.

He added: “I was moments away from moving into lane one and getting off the motorway when I became aware of the lorry which started dazzling me.

“Before I knew it he was bearing down on me and he went into the third lane and started to whip his trailer into the side of my car.

“I honestly thought I was going to die.

“My life literally rushed before my eyes. I can honestly say I have never felt fear like it. I began shaking uncontrollably.

“I had my hazards on and all the traffic behind us was backing up.

“Then 14 minutes later he tried to run me off the road again exactly the same way.

“My car was left with £3,000 worth of damage with bumps, scratches and dents all along the driver’s side.

“That driver didn’t know whether I had children in the car or an elderly person.

“He showed no regard for my safety or the safety of other road users.”

Police have now apologised for failing to respond more quickly to Matthew’s 999 calls.