Waiting for new developments

WE were all celebrating when we heard McDonald’s was finally coming to Gainsborough.

The hungry hordes started salivating at the thought of their early morning Egg McMuffins. Yet here we are, still hungry, no closers to that ‘fast’ food outlet.

Well folks it looks like that plan to double Gainsborough in size isn’t going to happen overnight either.

At some point in the next 12 months work will start, but it looks like it will be over 20 years before the diggers finally leave us all in peace and quiet.

It seems to me like outline planning permission was granted at the drop of the hat, but now we are all left waiting and wondering what the town is going to look like in a few years’ time.

I’d rather they just got on with it. The whole planning process seems to me like ripping off a plaster.

If it’s going to happen just get on with it.

Apparently also in the plans there are: two primary schools, a medical surgery, retail and office units, parks, a lake, cricket, rugby and two hockey pitches and an all weather multi use games area with changing facilities. (See page four for the full story).

Well what is the bet that those don’t turn up until the end of the 20 years, if at all?

Mark my words I will eat my bobble hat if we get that little lot before the town doubles in size.

A safe bet for an old codger like me.

At the rate I’m going I won’t get my Big Mac, let alone have the chance to enjoy an all weather multi-use games area.

Of course I think I speak for everyone in town when I say, what about the roads?

Gainsborough’s roads are already stretched to bursting point with lorries using the Trent bridge like it’s a rat-run, wall to wall traffic morning noon and night and endless road works which appear to the late-for-work motorist to accomplish nothing- other than slowing us all down. I’m looking forward to following this story over the next few years and rest assured I will be keeping a weather eye on any developments, or lack there of.

In the meantime I’ll have do make do with a new B&Q in the town.

Now there’s a company who weren’t waiting around.

Good work.