Volunteers helped paint HOPE’s homeless hostel in Worksop

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Volunteers helped to revitilise a homeless hostel in Worksop by giving it a fresh coat of paint.

A group of volunteers from Walgreen Boots Alliance attended HOPE Community Services as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

The volunteers tasked themselves with painting HOPE’s homeless hostel and HOPE would like to thank them for their community support.

One of the volunteers said: “I really enjoyed it. It was great to do something completely different with work colleagues and I was so impressed at how everyone got stuck in and what we managed to accomplish.

“All the staff at the hostel were so friendly and I admire those who give so much of their lives to such a great cause.”

And another volunteer said: “We were made very welcome by the HOPE team who had prepared in advance to make our day as productive as possible.

The project assistant said: “It was a humbling experience and it put a few things into perspective.

“There was a very positive feeling when we finished, like we had made a difference and our efforts were genuinely appreciated.”

HOPE would also like to thank Walgreen Boots Alliance staff and volunteers who also held a collection, where they managed to raise and donate £120 to HOPE.

Emma Longmore, development worker, said: “It was a fantastic day where volunteers came and helped to paint various walls within our hostel.

“Most often we don’t get the time to re-paint our own building, so it was very gracious of them to do that for us and those who we support.”

Alan Diggles, CEO of HOPE, said: “It’s wonderful that volunteers from Walgreen Boots Alliance felt able to contribute their time to HOPE.

“Their support has really helped to bring some life back in our hostel. I would like to thank everyone who took part on the day.”

HOPE aimsto tackle disadvantage, homelessness and its causes, providing help, advice and support for those in need.