VIDEO: Students from QEHS collect their A-level results

Students and staff were full of joy at Queen Elizabeth’s High School in Gainsborough with another great year of A-level results.

This year the school saw 25 per cent of students gain three or more B grades, with 17 per cent of those gaining three or more A grades. And half of the school’s A-level students gained at least one A grade.

Students at Queen Elizabeth's High School with their A-level results

Students at Queen Elizabeth's High School with their A-level results

Medicine is the stand out course for students this year with 12 students going on to study this at University and five of those are going to Cambridge.

Headteacher, David Allsop, said: “Yet again our students and staff have seen the fruit of their hard work over the past year and QEHS is thrilled to be celebrating another successful year for sixth form students.

“For a number of our students this year the achievements are made all the greater as they have had significant personal and medical issues to overcome.

“Other students have made great personal progress over the past seven years to get to this point.

“At QEHS we are always seeking to develop the whole student and it is often these individual triumphs for the students which make teaching so worthwhile.

“QEHS has been supporting students through the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) for over seven years. This year 38 students have gained the qualification which is worth half an A level.

“Universities value this qualification as it helps identify the very best students and also prepares students for University.

“Of the 38 students, almost a quarter gained an A* and over half gained at least an A grade and 100 per cent of students passed the qualification.

“QEHS is again pleased to be giving our sixth form students every possible chance of success as they move to the next phase of their education.

“There are some particularly notable successes amongst which is a set of triplets gaining seven A* and five A grades between them.

“The range of courses and careers being pursued by our students is incredibly wide. Students are studying courses from Marine Biology to Countryside Management, Architecture to Music and Dentistry to Anthropology. Other students are taking a break to travel across the world.

“I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to all students who have collected an excellent set of results this year”

There are five students who are off to study at Cambridge to study medicine, history,

Barnaby Fogg is one of the students studying medicine at Cambridge. He got three A*s, A and an A* EPQ.

Barnaby said: “It has been my life long passion so it’s great that it’s come to something.

“I am not sure what will be next for me after univeristy. I will off out into the big scary world.”

Barnaby is one of triplets.

Alice Fogg got three A*s, A and an A* EPQ.

Alice said: “I am taking a gap year. I am going travelling in New Zealand.”

And Chris Fogg got one A*, one A and two B’s and an A* EPQ.

Chris said: “I am going to do dentistry at Birmingham. I have a reall good dentist and he has inspired me.”

Other students off to do medicine are Charlotte Wagstaff and Alex Noakes.

Charlotte got three As, one B and an A* EPQ.

Charlotte said: “I have got into Sheffield University.

“My mum’s a doctor so it’s what I’ve been brought up with and I love it.”

Alex got two A*s, two As and a C.

Alex said: “I am going to do medicine at Liverpool.

“I like to help people and I like the science behind it. Eventually I want to become a doctor.”

And Sam Cranswick is going to study Law at Leicester. Sam got three B’s.

He said: “If you do well in your first year you are given the chance to study abroad for a year which really appeals to me.”