VIDEO: Isle man’s gay wedding date

The first gay couple to marry in North Lincolnshire tomorrow (March 29) will be former Epworth man Alvin Robinson and Kevin Middleton.

The couple, both care workers who now live in Scunthorpe, will wed at the town’s registry office before enjoying a lunchtime and evening reception with family and friends back in the Isle.

NEWS: News.

NEWS: News.

Mr Robinson said: “I won’t be able to believe it until it really happens. Gay couples should have the same rights as everyone else and this will mean that at last, we are accepted on the same terms as others.

“We never wanted a civil partnership - that seemed meaningless, it wasn’t good enough. We waited for this and tomorrow is our day. We can’t wait.

“I hope we are a positive example and that others will follow suit.”

Full story and pictures in next week’s Epworth Bells.