VIDEO: How your Standard is making a difference

Here at the Gainsborough Standard, we have put together a video as part of Local Newspaper Week to give you a snapshot of why we are your voice in the community.

The aim is to showcase how far our video coverage has developed in the last year and show how we really do live up to this year’s theme of Making A Difference.

Making A Difference

Making A Difference

Our aim was to focus on subjects or individuals that sum up the role people play in our local patch.

Trevor Halstead, from Gainsborough Cycles, said: “Local newspapers are a very important part of the local community covering local stories and are right at the centre of the community.”

“They are community focused and play an important role in keeping the community together.”

Phil Kitchen, from Gainsborough and Morton Striders, said: “The relationship between the Gainsborough Standard and the local running club, Gainsborough and Morton Striders athletics club, is mutually beneficial for the community, for the readership and the circulation of the paper.”

“From our club’s point of view the Standard is vital in publicising all the events we do for the local community, especially the school’s, and all aspects of running.”