VIDEO: Gainsborough Academy students collect their GCSE results

In this year’s GCSE results Gainsborough Academy has achieved a 97 per cent overall pass rate of five A* to G grades and above national average pass rates in BTEC Level 2 courses in Performing Arts and Business.

Gainsborough Academy Principal, David Miller, said: “I’m really proud of the students here. They have shown great commitment; attending classes at Easter and half-term, coming in after school and on Saturdays. We have some great individual results and staff have gone the extra mile our students.

Hannah Preston, Emily Toward, Rachel Aisthorpe, Abigal Walshaw Head Girl

Hannah Preston, Emily Toward, Rachel Aisthorpe, Abigal Walshaw Head Girl

“As part of the Lincoln College Group it’s fantastic to see the first step many of our students are taking on their learning journey as they progress to Lincoln College to access level three courses and beyond. We wish them all the very best whatever their next steps are.”

Josh Lees, who was elected one of the two Prom Kings this year, said: “I was really nervous before I opened them. I got 7 B’s and 3 C’s

“I am going to do an apprenticeship at Hemswell Court as a chef. It’s gone really well and I feel like the work has paid off.”

Head girl Abigail Walshaw got 12 grade A to B’s.

She said: “I’m really proud of myself. I am going to Queen Elizabeth’s High School to do A Levels in Biology, Psychology, English and Geography.”

Rachel Aisthorpe is going on to study A Levels at Queen Elizabeth’s High School.

Principal, David Miller, said: “She got exactly what she needed to go on to the next step.

“She has worked so hard all the way through.”

Rachel said: “I’m happy with them. I’m going to Queen Elizabeth’s High School to do A Levels in English Language, English Literature, French, Biology and Geography.”

Shanice Eyre said: “I was predicted most of what I got so I am happy with my results.

“I don’t know where I’m going to go next but eventually I want to study Law.”

Tom Williams said: “I’m happy as I got what I needed to get into Lincoln College. I am going to do a BTEC Level 3 in Sports.

“Eventually I want to do personal training. I have played sports for most of my life so I want to carry that on.”

Lewis Butroid is also continuing with sport in Scunthorpe.

Lewis said: “I am going to do an apprenticeship in football at Scunthorpe. I am really happy with my results and I got what I needed to.”

And student, Emily Cowan, had to take her exams after her mum sadly passed away. She has achieved eight A* to C grades and is going to John Leggott College to do A Levels in Drama, Maths, Performing Arts and Theatre Studies.

Emily said: “I either want to do something in Performing Arts or Teaching. I think it would have made my mum proud.”

Students were encouraged to tweet their results and in exchange they were able to pick up a free ice cream from an ice cream van which was parked on site.