VIDEO: Dramatic scenes of house in Laughton engulfed in flames after being hit by colossal bolt of lightning

A horrified resident captured this video of a house in Laughton en le Morthern engulfed in flames after being hit by lightning.

The house, on Carson Avenue, was hit by the bolt at approximately 6.00pm during a storm that swept across the region today (Saturday 19th July).

House struck by lightning

House struck by lightning

Tom Roper, who lives around the corner and rushed outside to video the scene, said: “Everyone was in total shock.”

The roof of the property was on fire when four fire crews from Maltby, Mansfield Road, Rotherham and Aston stations along with an Aerial Ladder Platform arrived at the scene.

Luckily nobody was inside the house at the time and firefighters used hose reels to extinguish the fire.

The roof of the building has partially collapsed and fire crews are working with structural engineers to determine the extent of the damage.

Station Manager Simon Rodgers said, “This appears to be a freak accident caused by a lightning strike, thankfully the family were out at the time, or this could have been a very serious incident.”