VIDEO: Barn Owl pays a visit to Gainsborough U3A meeting

Annette Mackenzie and her Barn Owl Boogie were the guest speakers at the most recent meeting of the Gainsborough U3A.

U3A stands for ‘The University of the Third Age’ and the clubs are self help organisations for people not in full time employment and provide learning, creative and leisure opportunities in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Annette Mackenzie and Boogie the Barn Owl

Annette Mackenzie and Boogie the Barn Owl

U3A’s are self-funding, run on a non-profitable and non-political basis and are self managed.

They draw upon the knowledge, experience, skills and enthusiasm of their members to organise interest groups in accordance with the wishes of the membership.

Groups offer a range of subjects of interest, varying from art, music, foreign languages, history, gardening and many other subjects.

The Gainsborough U3A has 27 interest groups which include curling, gardening, poetry and family history.

Gainsborough U3A meets on the second Thursday of the month in the Gainsborough Methodist Church in North Street, Gainsborough at 10am.

At the meeting the members are entertained by a different speaker and so far this year they have been heard about Verdi: the man and the music; Tax Care and Toy Boys; Canine Partners and their work.

At the most recent meeting in July they were visited by Annette Mackenzie and her barn owl Boogie and the group got the chance to learn more about the birds.

For more information about U3A or if you would like to become a member visit