Use smoke detectors, Isle residents told

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NEWS: News.

Isle residents are reminded that smoke alarms can save lives, by Humberside Fire and Rescue Service.

The Fire and Rescue Service is backing the first UK Home Safety week, which aims to reduce the risk from fires in the home.

Organised by the Chief Fire Officers’ Association, it stresses the simple advice that every home should have a smoke detector on every level.

A single storey home should have at least one alarm and houses with two or more floors should have additional alarms on each landing.

Detectors need to be placed where they can be easily heard, even through closed doors, because safety advice includes keeping doors closed at night to prevent the rapid spread of flames and smoke, should a fire develop.

Fire officers recommend that householders get in to the habit of following ‘Test It Tuesday’ advice, to check their detectors on the same day each week to ensure they are working. Detectors have a test button and the alarm should sound briefly when depressed.

It is recommended that buyers should choose optical rather than ionisation devices because they are better at detecting a broader range of fires.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Head of Community Safety, Daryl Oprey, said: “We cannot stress too strongly how important it is for everyone to make sure they have smoke detectors in their homes and to make sure they are in working order.

“The early warning an alarm gives can be enough to save lives, prevent serious injury and minimise damage to property should fire break out.

“We recommend at least one alarm on each storey of a domestic property. We are able to offer help and advice through our four Community Protection Units to anyone who is unsure about making their home safe from fire.

“Carrying out regular checks is also important and we always ask people with elderly relatives, or with neighbours who may be elderly or vulnerable, to make sure their homes have detectors and that they are tested regularly.”

The advice is crucial to private landlords as, nationally, it is estimated fewer privately rented homes have smoke detectors than the overall average of 88 per cent.

More fire safety information is available on the service’s website at and residents are also encouraged to follow the service on twitter, @humbersidefire, for the latest information and safety tips.