UPDATE: Langold Primary school to remain ‘closed for some time’ after third of the building damaged in blaze

School Road was cordoned off by police while firefighters tackled the blaze
School Road was cordoned off by police while firefighters tackled the blaze
  • More than 40 firefighters from across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire tackled the blaze last night
  • Staff who were in building at the time were evacuated
  • Fire service said that although nobody was harmed in the fire, ‘around a third’ of the building has been damaged
  • Parents have been told school will remain for ‘some time’ while damage is assessed and the cause of the fire is investigated
  • Fire crews praised for dealing with the incident ‘swifly and professionally’

An investigation has been lanched into the cause of a fire at a primary school in Langold which had to be tackled by more than 40 firefighters from across three counties.

Nine fire crews from Worksop, Harworth, Retford, Mansfield and as far as South Yorkshire and Derbyshire were called to the blaze at Langold Dyscarr Communnity School on School Road on Wednesday, November 11.

Police cordoned off School Road while firefighters tackled the blaze

Police cordoned off School Road while firefighters tackled the blaze

The fire, which started at around 16:45pm, is believed to have started in a kitchenette It is understood that an after school club was just finishing when the fire alarm sounded and some members of staff were evacuated.

Police cordoned off School Road while firefighers used breathing apparatus, water jets, thermal imaging cameras and fans to put out the fire, which was extinguished at around 5.30pm.

Though paramedics attended the scene, the fire service have confirmed that nobody was harmed in the incident.

Michelle Kirby, whose son Elliot attends the school, told the Guardian that parents had been informed that the school would be closed for ‘some time’ while firefighters clear the building of smoke and investigate the cause of the blaze.

She added: “Everyone is just glad that nobody was hurt. If the fire had occurred during the day, when all the children were there, it could have been so much worse. Many parents have been affected as they have had to arrange childcare at short notice. We are pulling together and helping each other out where we can.”

Councillor Sheila Place, of Nottinghamshire County Council, is a governer at the school. She said: “Council staff are assessing the damage at the school and will reopen it as soon as possible. I was very impressed with how swiftly and professionally the Fire Service and school staff dealt with the situation.”

Station Manager Simon Glew, who was NFRS incident commander at the fire, said: “Crews did a great job in locating this fire and getting it quickly under control.

“Firefighters dealt with the incident swiftly and efficiently and, as a result, contained the fire to one part of the school and stopped it from spreading to other areas.

“That said, there is fire, heat and smoke damage to a number of classrooms in the front part of the school .

“About a third of the building has been damaged.”

“By 10.30pm, officers were able to reduce the number of crews at the scene to two, who were there to continue damping down and check for any remaining pockets of fire,” Mr Glew added.

WATCH THE VIDEO AT: http://www.worksopguardian.co.uk/news/local/video-firefighters-battle-blaze-at-langold-primary-school-1-7566440