UKIP leader Nigel Farage visits town

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage visited Gainsborough this week with local party members to talk to local residents ahead of the upcoming County Council elections.

The controversial UKIP leader walked around the busy Market Place on the morning of Tuesday 9th April to talk to stall holders and residents about key issues and what he hoped his party to bring to the Gainsborough area. As well as speaking out on immigration and employment, he also talked about wind farms and services.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage visited Gainsborough town centre for a walkabout and to meet residents G130409-1l

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage visited Gainsborough town centre for a walkabout and to meet residents G130409-1l

Speaking to The Standard, Mr Farage said: “We’re not against foreign workers coming to Lincolnshire, but we’ve never seen anything on this scale before.”

“Effectively, it now discriminates against our own young people in terms of getting jobs. If I was a young Bulgarian, my suitcase would be packed and ready, because most of them want to better their lives.”

Responding to claims that UKIP were a ‘one policy’ party, Mr Farage said that their core beliefs had a ‘knock on’ effect into everyday life - including education, energy and employment: “It works against the needs of our people and that message impacts directly on county councils because their job is to provide services: primary school places, hospital beds, police work, fire service work and everything. The more people you have, the most services a county council has to produce.”

He went on: “We want to get people onto the county council to do the job that we’ve been doing in Strasbourg and Brussels. We want to show the public how county council works.”

Speaking of other major concerns for our area, Mr Farage said: “The other big area that we’re going to campaign on is wind farms. They don’t work, they’re too expensive and they’re a waste of time.”

“They load everyone in this market place with 12 per cent on their electricity bills just to make rich land owners even more rich. If we’re lowered our electricity bills we would give our people a chance. What government has to do is to make conditions easier and then let peoples’ entrepreneurial flair take over.”

One of the people Mr Farage stopped to talk to in the Market Place was owner of the Farm to Fork meat van Mick Thorne, who told us: “We talked about immigrants and the national debt. If his ideas had happened a few years ago then the country would be in a better state. What he has to say is very well and good - but can he keep his word?”

UKIP candidate for Gainsborough Hill John Beaver added: “It’s very encouraging to have Mr Farage here and we’ve had a tremendous response.”

“If elected, I would work to see more young people into work by cutting down on the amount of immigrants we let into this country who just take advantage of our benefits.”

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