TV crews all at sea with Sandy

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WHY is it that weather, usually considered such a boring topic, suddenly becomes ‘exciting’ when it turns into a natural disaster?

You couldn’t switch on the telly last week without seeing Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the east coat of America.

Everywhere you looked there was another TV reporter being blown left then right across a pier while being soaked to the skin and completely unable to speak.

And even if they could no viewer could hear what they were saying. It’s a hurricane you idiots - you can’t talk over the top of one.

I suppose it’s another of the problems with all day news channels and ‘breaking’ news (why is it often still ‘breaking’ a couple of hours later?)

The only bit I did enjoy was a brave/clinically insane fellow who insisted on going for his daily dip in the Atlantic despite the storm barrelling towards him.

It’s crazy enough that he considers it acceptable to jump in the ocean in late October in normal weather, but last week he should probably have been sectioned on the spot.

It was also amazing that people in New York were still ordering pizzas for delivery as the storm arrived. Apparently the last vehicles on the roads of Manhattan were food delivery vans.

Seriously, I know there are a lot of Americans out there who really like their food but this is taking things a bit far.

I can understand the sentiment though. I’ve known some rough weather from my time at sea and the only way to deal with it is to hunker down with some good grub and grog.

It’s a bit like the scenes onboard ship near the end of Jaws where they get drunk, swap stories and sing a few ditties. Ah, that’s the life...

You won’t be surprised to hear it’s one of the Captain’s favourite films. Quint the old shark hunter - now there’s a role model for all of us.