Tuxford: Academy students celebrate a year of achievement

Students from Tuxford Acadmey guest speaker Derek Redmond at their Celebration of Achievement evening
Students from Tuxford Acadmey guest speaker Derek Redmond at their Celebration of Achievement evening

British Olympian Derek Redmond, was the special guest speaker at the recent Year 11 Celebration of Achievement Evening at Tuxford Academy.

Mr Cotton, executive principal, opened the prestigious event by welcoming the special guest, students and parents and encouraging the audience to celebrate the huge successes the class of 2015 had achieved this year.

“Tonight is a celebration of all the achievements you have had in the past five years,” he said.

“GCSE results were stunning and we are all incredibly proud of your performances, which have led to some fantastic future pathways and opportunities.’

Derek Redmond then gave a motivational speech, which echoed some of his amazing experiences during his time as a champion 400 metre runner.

“The life you have ahead is for living, so enjoy today, you’ve earned it,” he said.

“Remember the feeling of receiving this accolade, it will spur you on to the next big event or race in your life.”

During the evening, special awards were presented to students for a range of academic and non-academic achievements from each of the academy’s four colleges.

Mr Mosley, Head of Beech College, presented the Wider Community Award to four Leon Auckland, Thomas Pickering, Isobel Skelton and Chelsea Wonham, for their contribution to the community.

Thomas Pickering, of Year 12, received the award for Willow College for his work for the local Boys’ Brigade, Youth Club, St John’s Ambulance and his involvement in the Junior Town Council at the academy.

“I feel very proud and it was unexpected to receive this award,” he commented.

Mr Macpherson, Head of Ash College, presented the School Community Award to four students, Abigail Ragsdale (Ash College), Ryan Footitt (Willow College), Leah Lam (Beech College and Stephanie Smith (Oak College).

These students were nominated for their help and support with extra responsibility within the academy.

“These students are dedicated, who want to give much more to the academy and be available to support students,” said Mr Macpherson.

Mr Gaughan, Head of Willow College, presented the Highest Achiever Award. Ash student Rebecca Davidson, who got 100 per cent in her history GCSE and also achieved nine A* and one A grade in her GCSEs last July.

Martha Raymer, of Beech College, got seven A*, two A and one B grade, Chris Ward, of Oak College got eight A* and two A grades and David Mafullul, of Willow College, got seven A*, two A and one B grades.

David was also the only student at the academy to achieve an AA grade for double GCSE PE.

“The work you have put in and the achievements you have made are top class,” said Derek Redmond.

“Now you have set the standard so high you need to continue this and improve.”

The ceremony then moved on to the students who had made the most progress during Years seven to 11.

Conor Morrison (Ash), Kate Barratt (Beech), Abi Draper (Willow) and Fay Wilmot (Oak) were recognised for their outstanding progress during their time at the academy.

These awards were presented by Mr Thompson, Head of Oak College.

Finally, Miss Leaning awarded attendance awards to James Black, Caitlin Copper, Elliot Lewis, Molly Lillicrap, Sophie Sleight and Tia Picking who all achieved 100 per cent attendance over three years.

Even more impressive than that was Thomas Bowler who achieved 100 per cent attendance over four years and Nathan Reynolds with 100 per cent over five years at school – never missing even one school day in his academic career at Tuxford!

I am very proud of her,” said Sophie Sleight’s mother, of her daughter’s achievement.

“We are immensely proud of Leah and all her hard work,” added Leah Lam’s mother.

“Leah has won one of 30 places out of 90 on the Sheffield University Outreach & Access to Medicine Programme.

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