Tributes to former Trinity chairman

Pat Lobley
Pat Lobley

KIND words and loving tributes have been paid following the death of one of Gainsborough’s sporting heroes.

Former Gainsborough Trinity FC chairman Pat Lobley passed away on Friday 18th February after losing his battle with cancer.

Pat was a popular local figure, both as an auctioneer and twice chairman who spent over a decade with the Blues. Current Trinity chairman Peter Swann said he was a wonderful man who would be very sorely missed.

“He had a lot of commitment to the club and he was very passionate about Gainsborough as well,” said Peter. “He always had the club at heart and was always willing to listen to you.”

“Pat always saw the best in people and was a really generous and nice man.”

Peter continued: “Not only that, but he kept the club above the water over the years and kept the budget really well.”

Peter says that Pat was a great chairman and left a great legacy at Trinity.

“He worked really well with parts of the club and left it in a really good position for when I took over. Pat was there last week cheering on the Blues and giving them his all. He thoroughly enjoyed football and it was just a very important part of his life.”

“He was always very good to me, he loved the town and I’m just very pleased to be able to carry on where he left off and carry the club into the future.”

Peter added: “He was a great man for the club and Gainsborough and we should be glad that we had someone who really cared about football and Gainsborough and he will be sorely missed.”

Geoff Holmes and Richard Coleman both knew Pat while they were directors at the club.

“He was a wonderful chairman, a genuine person and a true friend,” said Geoff. “It’s a very sad loss. He gave everything to Gainsborough Trinity and committed himself to going to all games. His main aim for Gainsborough Trinity was for them to do well. He was just a great chairman.”

Richard knew Pat for over 15 years.

“Pat was a wonderful and generous man who loved his sports,” said Richard. “He was what you’d called a gentleman’s gentleman. He was quite old-fashioned but there’s a lot to be said for that. He was a very good friend and a very sincere man. He was great to talk to when you had problems and he could always see a way through hard times.”

Richard added: “Pat was full of good advice and he was great at cheering up the team and always saw the good in things.”