West Lindsey high in ‘tranposrt poverty’

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A NEW study has found that residents across West Lindsey are largely at risk of being cut off from work and healthcare due to ‘transport poverty’.

The ‘Locked Out’ report by Sustrans argues that rising costs of owning and running a car, and a lack of alternatives meant that 31 per cent of West Lindsey were at ‘serious risk’ while 90.63 per cent were simply ‘at risk’

Our district ranked third in a study of numerous areas across the East Midlands.

The report outlines what it describes as ‘the growing problem of transport poverty’ and calls on Ministers to invest in public transport and safe walking and cycling routes to give people alternatives to increasingly unaffordable car ownership.

Sustrans Chief Executive Malcolm Shepherd said: “For many people owning a car is a source of debt and poverty – and this is unlikely to change in the long term with fuel prices going up and up.”

“For decades, Ministers have made decisions based on everyone having easy access to a car, forcing many of us into car ownership we can barely afford and leaving others stranded.”

He added: “We need a transport system that works for everyone – not one designed to best suit those who can afford a car.”

A Sustrans spokesman added: “With almost two-thirds of job-seekers already without access to a car, only a transport system allowing us all to access employment will help to boost the economy.”

For more information or to download a copy of the report you can visit www.sustrans.org.uk/lockedout.

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