Parking enforcement to change next week

Gainsborough news
Gainsborough news

CHANGES to way that parking is enforced in Gainsborough and wider Lincolnshire are to come into force next week.

The county council is starting parking enforcement on 3rd December, which is something that hasn’t been regularly enforced by the police in recent years.

Now, the County Concil is marking motorists that they need to be aware that this will change.

An LCC spokesman said: “A team of 20 enforcement officers - similar to the number of traffic wardens previously - will work across the county, taking a sensible approach to parking issues.”

“They will not have to meet targets for issuing tickets.”

He continued: “This is about making sure there is an appropriate level of enforcement in place for the county to help keep motorists moving, reduce congestion caused by inconsiderate parking and support local shops with parking bays nearby.”

The Authority says that motorists need to make sure they know what all the road ‘signs and lines’ mean to avoid being fined £70 or £50, and should always park considerately, without causing an obstruction to other people.

The spokesman continued: “Lincolnshire is one of the last places to take on civil parking enforcement powers, something the government is encouraging all local authorities to do.”

“Warning notices will be given as a reminder to motorists breaching the parking restrictions for two weeks before the start date.”

For more information or if you have any queries, motorists can get in touch by emailing