Traffic nightmare

DEAR Captain,

I was delighted to find on a recent visit to Gainsborough that yet more temporary traffic lights seem to have sprung up on Lea Road.

I’m not familar enough with Gainsborough to know if these ‘temporary’ lights are the same set as the last time I was in town or an entirely new set?

And my shopping experience in the town was second to none. There was very good customer service all round, in both the Co-Op, Ragged Robin and a fancy coffee shop in Marshall’s Yard. But what puts me off coming to your town?

The traffic!

There always seems to be traffic lights on every junction snaring the place up!

Perhaps the council should just focus on one problem at a time rather than bringing the whole town to a standstill in one swoop!

Just a thought

Happy Shopper from Retford

I shall pass your comments on.

The more people coming to the town the better of course.

With regard to the lights I simply recommend leaving an extra 30 to 40 minutes early for any job in and around the Gainsborough area.

That’s what I do and it ensures I am only ever around 15 minutes late to all appointments.