Traffic mayhem and ‘abuse’ hurled at residents as once quiet Langold Road is gridlocked by splashpark visitors

This picture was posted on the Langold Country Park Facebook page.
This picture was posted on the Langold Country Park Facebook page.

“Mayhem” erupted on a Langold road as hundreds of vehicles descended to visit the village splash park during a heatwave, causing massive tailbacks and blocking residents in their own driveways.

Outraged Church Street residents said they faced a 30-minute wait in sweltering temperatures if they tried to enter or leave their homes, along with “abuse” from motorists queueing to enter the adjoining splash park during the Bank Holiday weekend.

Police were called to the scene but “only added to the congestion” after becoming stuck in the gridlocked traffic, said Graeme Ballantyne, speaking on behalf of Church Street residents.

He said: “It took us over half an hour to drive up the street to our own home, which is near the end of the road. In the process, we had abuse shouted at us because the sheer volume of traffic meant nobody was able to move. People were yelling abuse at each other in the street.

“Neighbours were unable to get out of the street to go to work or the shops. A coach became trapped on White Avenue because cars were parked every available spot.”

Mr Ballantyne said residents were not consulted on traffic issues before the building of the splashpark in 2014, and have called for change before the next public holiday threatens to cause the same problem.

He added: “We were told that the village children would benefit from the splash park so it would be a good thing. Nobody bothered to think about the traffic that would result.

“What was once a quiet village street is now a complete nightmare on any warm weekend, and tenfold so on public holidays.”

Bassetlaw District Council have heeded the call for change and said they would be looking into alternative entrance points.

David Armiger, director of regeneration and Neighbourhoods at Bassetlaw District Council said: “The parking situation on the residential streets leading to Langold Country Park was unacceptable and we fully understand the frustration and anger this caused residents who couldn’t get to their houses orleave their drives.

“Nottinghamshire County Council have responsibility for highways and on-street parking and we are asking them to work with us to see what can be done in the short term to manage this situation.

“Previous plans to close the Church Lane entrance were from about ten years ago and were linked to the redevelopment of the colliery site which would have provided the necessary funding to open up another route into the park. Although that scheme was never progressed, we are looking at alternatives.”