Public transport for Gainsborough has seen a real surge in improvements

A train waits at Gainsborough Central where a new ticket machine is now installed and operational.
A train waits at Gainsborough Central where a new ticket machine is now installed and operational.

Just before the end of the summer holiday season, Gainsborough Council kindly arranged for every home in Gainsborough to receive a copy of the Gainsborough Travel Guide with times of trains and buses serving the town, writes Barry Coward.

Copies are also available at the West Lindsey Council reception, the Guildhall in Marshall’s Yard, Gainsborough Library, Gainsborough Council’s Richmond Park office and Stagecoach buses.

Since the last travel guide was published, there have been significant improvements to public transport in the town.

Since May a new hourly train service runs between Gainsborough Central and Sheffield with good connections at Retford for trains to and from London.

With single advance fares as little as £14 between Gainsborough and London, why would anyone want to drive to London?

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Previously, advance fares were only available online but now you can buy advance tickets from the new ticket machine at Gainsborough Central.

It is open Monday to Saturday for card purchases and collection of tickets bought online and will issue tickets between any stations on the National Rail network and tickets using Wightlink for the Isle of Wight and Cal Mac ferries in Scotland.

In July, Stagecoach improved the bus service to and from Lincoln by retaining the 100 route via Willingham and Sturton-by-Stow and introducing an hourly service on the 107 route via Marton and Torksey.

These two services combine to offer a half-hourly service between Gainsborough and Lincoln and connecting buses for trains to and from Leeds at Lea Road.

The travel guide, new train service, buses connecting with trains and the new ticket machine are all improvements achieved through the North Notts and Lincs Community Rail Partnership, which has been shortlisted for a national Community Rail Award.