Lincolnshire Police to target speeding offences in 'fatal four' enforcement campaign

Lincolnshire Police are cracking down on speeding.
Lincolnshire Police are cracking down on speeding.

In 2018, 568 people were killed or seriously injured on Lincolnshire’s roads.

In 142 of these cases, speed was a factor.

This is why, throughout August, Lincolnshire Police are focusing on speed and setting out why there are some factors specific to Lincolnshire, that our road users need to consider when hitting the accelerator.

Speeding is one of the 'fatal four', along with seatbelts, phones and drink/drug driving, and so it is part of the force's focus on road safety.

They launched the 'Safer Roads Team' in 2018 and in just one year, dealt with 490 speeding offences.

Superintendent Paul Timmins said: “The unique make-up of our county means we need to adapt our speed according to circumstances. We have lots of A and B roads, sharp bends and vehicles of varying speeds sharing the roads.

"It’s a rural county and agricultural traffic is inevitable and essential. How drivers respond to this is a choice. Choose speed and you endanger yourself, your passengers and other road users.

"Slow down and enjoy the rural scenery. Be patient, allow extra time for a journey and don’t get frustrated. This is Lincolnshire, our roads are a challenge and our drivers need to raise their game accordingly.”

Whilst this week is about communication and engagement on speed, the following two weeks we will be about enforcement.

In a united effort against speeding, police staff will be proactively speed checking across the whole of the county and keeping the public posted on the results.

Supt Timmins said: “It’s not that we want to catch you speeding. On the contrary, our aim is to have all drivers adhering to the limits and driving to the conditions.

"We would be delighted to catch no one. That’s why we are launching this ‘warning’ phase of our campaign ahead of next week's ‘enforcement’ phase.

“In a quarter of collisions where people were killed or seriously injured on our roads, speed was a factor. There are people who would be alive today if it weren’t for a speeding motorist.

"There are people would not have to deal with life changing injuries if it weren’t for a speeding motorist. Don’t let that motorist be you.

"Speeding is anti-social, dangerous and we won’t accept it in Lincolnshire.”